Meeting Minutes

Teleconference - Date May 15, 2018 - 8:30 pm start 9:30 pm end
Attended by - Gary Gunsher - William Wilday - Jacob Reinhardt - Mario Mariotti

Affiliation status with the national party discussed. Assessment dues and other commitments need to be fulfilled if we are to expect any recognition from the national party.

Membership Dues, general donations and assessment fee donations can be made at

Interim officers still need to be appointed until the proper election of officers can be done or appointed person can no longer fulfill duties of the office.

Also discussed was why we will not have a candidate for Governor this coming November.

Support of our candidates was also discussed. Please let us do all we can to support our candidates, any little bit helps. They can't do it by themselves. Let them know how you can help I am sure it will be appreciated. Candidates, please let everyone know how they can reach you.

Also discussed were ways everyone can help promote the party and recruit members. We will have more coming up on this topic in the near future. We as a group can do so much more to grow the party.

Next meeting is Wednesday, June 6th 8:30 pm et. Details will be posted on our Facebook page at

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