Friday, August 4, 2017

Who among you wants to help make a difference?

Greetings; New York Patriots.
Please take a few minutes to read the following words. It is of the utmost importance that we band together and make a sustained and successful attempt to organize the Constitution Party in New York.

The Constitution Party of New York; is to become the official state affiliate, of the National Constitution Party. The purpose of the Party; is to develop an informed, energetic, and effective statewide political organization, in order to support the principles, goals, and platforms of the Party, as adopted by its Convention, and that of the National Convention of the Constitution Party, & to secure the election of all duly nominated candidates and electors th

We are a party that believes the American Constitution should be the exclusive basis for the government and policies of the United States of America. We here, at the Constitution Party; fight for the integrity of the personal liberties of every American citizen, both social and economic.
The two-party system works hard to silence our voice, so we must strive even harder to overcome such oppression, so that our voice rings loud, and reaches every American.
The Constitution Party of New York, is prepared to take action against such an abomination. The movement is growing rapidly & we WANT YOU to be a part of it.
The Constitution Party of New York; cordially invites you, and all like-minded individuals with whom your sphere of influence extends, to help determine the direction of the party. We are here to serve you. Thus; your feelings & opinions, are of the utmost value.
Unlike other parties that offer very few opportunities for the individual to determine their representatives and the platforms thereof, the Constitution Party of New York; would like you to assist us in that endeavor. With your help, we can choose quality leadership, perhaps even discover new leadership potential among you, & your fellow attendees. The greatest natural resource of a nation is its people – so it is imperative that we hear from you!
The goal of the Constitution Party of New York; is to achieve nothing short of electoral victory. Only through our combined efforts is victory possible – there can be no compromise in this.
... If it can be argued that America is no longer the land of the free; we together, must prove that it remains the home of the brave!

3 Questions for you to answer
1. I would like to know what sort of skills you have or what you would be comfortable doing for the Constitution Party?
2. In what way are you willing to help organize and grow the party? (Leader? Follower?) or somewhere in between.
3. What county in NY are you in and are you willing to travel to nearby counties?
We are currently working on a game plan to get the Constitution Party up and running in N.Y., but we need help in doing this. I am hoping to gather 10 - 20 people; willing to put time and effort into making this happen.  From there, I believe we can become a loud voice for our Constitutional Republic.
Please respond & let me know if you are willing to help; even if you are not willing to help, let me know.
Once we get our “start up” group; we can arrange a meeting and begin work, on our game plan, which already is being formulated upon.
Areas preceded by “*” credited to the writings published by the National Constitution Party, and penned by patriots like you. I take no credit for that.
Thank you,
Gary Gunsher- Chairman
Michael Belotti Sr. Vice Chairman

P.S.-- We have decided to create a $20 per year membership. To pay the dues simply click on the link that says Membership Dues Only and fill out the form. Thank you 

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