Thursday, November 10, 2016

Some news and Notes


After this brief update I wanted to share this letter with everyone from our National Chairman Frank Fluckiger.

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Constitution Party of New York
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Buffalo, NY 14240-6021

Now here is the letter from our National Chairman Frank Fluckiger

Greetings All:

First of all I want to thank you for the hard work and time that you all gave to the election. Attached is the latest update I have on the election night coverage.  Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in votes for are party over the 2012 election even though we were on the ballot in two less states this year.  These totals will increase as all absentee ballots are counted as well as write in ballots from all of the write in states.  Texas, Ohio and Virginia, Tennessee and Arizona  should all have a significant number of write in votes. 

I just want to make the following comments:

1) Total votes received in the 2012 presidential election were 122,389 vs 174,864 so far this year. This is a net gain of 52,475.  That is an increase of 42.9% over 2012 and of course this does not include any of the yet to be counted votes above. Once all of the ballots are counted it is feasible that this year's election could be the election that the CP received it's highest vote totals ever.   We will just have to wait and see.

2) Getting on the ballot in each state is a real challenge.  Once a candidate raises a given amount of funds they can receive additional federal funds.  This enabled Jill Stein to get on a number of more states' ballots.  However, the CP does not accept Federal funding so this makes getting ballot qualified considerably more challenging. We depended solely on our own ability to raise funds. 

3) On a percentage basis Alaska was at the top of the list with 1.24% of the vote. SD was second with 1.10% and Hawaii was third with 1.05 percent.  Utah was fourth with  0.83%  followed by Wyoming was forth with 0.82%.

4) The states providing the highest number of votes were PA with 20,896.  Michigan was second with 16,924 and Florida was third with 16,393.  Other states that provided over 10,000 votes were Missouri, Wisconsin and Colorado.

5) Take note of state vote totals in 2012 vs 2016.  Every single state improved.  That is remarkable and reflects the hard work of a good many people. 

6) Forward this on to your people and encourage them to do the same.  They will appreciate seeing this as this is about the only source of good information that many of they will have access to.  The major media will continue to ignore us and so we just have to acknowledge that and develop our own sources of communication.

A special thanks to Wayne Zimmershied of Minnesota for his tremendous help in getting this information together. 

I have been bombarded by call from many people and will respond to each of you as soon as I am able to. 

Thanks again for all you are doing.

Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
Constitution Party

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Darrell Castle is on the Ballot

Hello Everyone,

Most of you probably already know that our campaign to get Darrell Castle on the NY ballot as a write-in-candidate was a success.
I called the NYS Board of Elections on October 18 and they confirmed that we indeed got him on the ballot.
I want to thank everyone who helped in this matter. I would also like to note that I was pleased with the uptick in interest in the Constitution Party of New York. I hope that this interest will spark a sustained effort in organizing,and growing the party. All is not yet lost, but we can ill afford to sit on our hands and hope yet again that one of the 2 big parties are going to correct the chaos they created in the first place.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton? You have got to be kidding me.

Now we can get to work encouraging everyone we know to write in Darrell Castle's name on election day. Then we can turn our attention to the Governors race in 2018 and perhaps encourage some office seekers to run in 2017.
We had 33 people respond with Elector forms. We needed 29 and I took them in the order I got them.

Here they are.
Jason Voss-Erie County, Michael A Cocco Jr.-Erie County, Michael A Belotti Sr.-Rockland County, Adam Hendel-Monroe County, Edward J Savidge-Nassau County, Gary Gunsher-Erie County, Richard B Harter-Allegany County, Michael Moody-Delaware County, Gary M Sitarski-Erie County, Brendan P Buckley-Tompkins County, David M Dombrowsky-Saratoga County, Jenice Martin-New York County,  Joshua D Temple-Erie County, Chris Belotti-Rockland County,  Michael Belotti Jr.-Rockland County,  Eileen Gunsher-Erie County, Timothy Brauning-Queens County, Hannah Brauning-Queens County, Adam P Galella-Westchester County, Thomas J Gannon Jr.-Dutchess County, Joyce H Martin-Westchester County, Andrew Fioramonti-Suffolk County,  A. Jacob W Reinhardt-Erie County, Mark R Smith-New York County, Anthony Dougherty-Erie County, Alan D Lippa-Monroe County, Patrick G McCullough-Sullivan County, Jason E Herforth-Schuyler County, William D Wilday-Schenectady County

The 4 Alternates
Kara Lippa-Monroe County, Garth S Dixson-Washington County, Jeffery Monheit-Queens County, David C Huber-Suffolk County.

Thank you again stepping up for Liberty and Freedom. God Bless New York and Darrell Castle.